Motion Graphics Videos and eLearning

Capture your audience with animated graphics videos

As telecoms products and services become more complex, your target audience can find it increasingly difficult to 'get' your value proposition first time. Video content is one of the most effective ways to convey your message quickly, clearly and in fewer words, while increasing audience engagement.

At 4Content Marketing we can help you create short, cost effective, motion graphics videos which:-

- Interest and educate your target audience
- Drive home your key message
- Ensure a higher rate of return to your web site
- Increase your sales leads

On-line self-tutorials are ideal for first level training in high-tech products and services. Train your customers and end user clients with our intuitive eLearning packages:-

- Quick and easy to use
- Browser based menu navigation
- Based on ‘how-to’ videos for each chapter
- Optional quizzes, scoring and tracking

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