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Capture your audience with motion graphics videos

As telecoms products and services become more complex, your target audience can find it increasingly difficult to 'get' your value proposition first time. Motion graphics and live action videos are one of the most effective ways to convey your message quickly, clearly and in fewer words, while increasing audience engagement.

Motion graphics and live action videos

At 4Content Marketing we can help you produce short, cost effective motion graphics and live action videos in a number of different styles to suit your requirements. Videos are typically 1 or 2 minutes in duration with a choice of voiceover artist and language.

MG Videos will :-
- Interest and educate your target audience
- Drive home your key message
- Ensure a higher rate of return to your web site
- Increase your sales leads


Sometimes training clients and staff on new products, processes and procedures can be a challenging and time consuming task. However, MG videos can provide the answer and can be embedded into modular self-learning packages to make training a breeze. These on-line 'how-to' tutorials are quick and easy to use and may be completely self-contained including training performance scoring and tracking :-

Video based eLearning packages are :-
- Quick and easy to use
- Browser based for menu navigation
- Built around ‘how-to’ videos for each chapter
- Offered with optional quizzes, scoring and tracking

Creative process

The creative process for a new project starts after the commercial agreement and NDA have been signed. You will then be assigned a project manager who will work with you for the duration of the project. We use a project management and tracking tool called Basecamp™ which ensures an accurate and timely delivery schedule for each stage of the video project. Key project stages include: preparation of a written brief and supply of supporting materials, script development and approval, VO artist selection, VO recording, visual story board development, first cut video production, review, second cut video production, review, final cut video production and acceptance.

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