The Importance of Content Marketing

Dec 27
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The Importance of Content Marketing


Reaching and engaging with your target audience is getting tougher as products and services become more complex. Just having a set of product collateral and a good campaign plan is not enough, especially for highly technical products and services such as telecoms and IT systems, cloud based solutions, wireless 4G/5G, operations systems and software, managed services, process automation, M2M, and connected home/cars just to name a few.

Content marketing is becoming increasingly seen as one of the most important aspects of effective marketing especially with on-line and social media marketing. The age old adage of ‘Content is everything!’ holds true today more than ever before. Your target buying personas need to become engaged very early on when they start to read your marketing content, and getting the right messages across is key, and not always easy to get right, especially for highly technical products.

Content marketing spans the whole spectrum of marketing content from web sites, blogs and on-line articles through to printed brochures, event banners, advertorials and white papers. And all this needs to harness the same core content and consistent key messages throughout your campaign.

4Content Marketing specializes in getting the content right for your marketing messages, helping you articulate the value proposition of your products and services to create compelling content that reaches your target audience and helps to drive sales. Closing the gap between the highly technical language of great, innovative new products and services with the language of your target buyer personas is key, using messages that resonate, engage, acquire and retain your customers.

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Content has a direct impact on audience engagement, lead generation and SEO so it's vital to ensure that you are creating, distributing and promoting material that resonates with people.Let us help.