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Video is becoming increasingly popular for on-line digital marketing as a way to rapidly engage with target audiences and prospective customers, increasing the chance of people returning to your web site. It’s the ease in which videos can be launched with a simple button click, together with their engaging content that makes videos one of the most effective ways to get your message across quickly, clearly and in fewer words than written content.

According to market research by Invodo, 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video while 52% of marketing professionals worldwide named video as the type of content with the best ROI.


Of course there’s a wide range of video types and formats to choose from, each having its own place in on-line digital content from very low budget video blogs recorded on a smartphone, to ‘live’ event interviews, product reviews and recorded webinars. ‘How to’ video training courses also have their place in explaining how to use certain products or services, or how to carry out any number of DIY projects from restoring old NiCad batteries to building a garden shed. Amazing presentations like TED Talks never fail to engage while high-end, high cost TV commercials and high impact corporate videos using professional actors and CGI techniques have their place at the top end of the video content spectrum where budgets are less of an issue.


One particularly effective form of video content which is both cost effective and engaging to watch is achieved by using motion graphics. These short videos are used to explain the key benefits of an organization, product or service. Motion graphics (MG) videos are particularly useful for marketing high tech products which may need visual context to really get the message across. They tell a story using a combination of animated graphics, text and photos to create visually dynamic, continuously evolving images which grab and retain the viewer’s attention. They’re usually quite short, typically running for around 60-90 seconds in duration. It doesn’t sound like much time but in fact it’s surprising how much information you can get across in one minute with a clear and carefully crafted narration. Any longer than this and people start to switch off and lose interest. In my view, two minutes should be the absolute maximum. The audio track usually includes background music to lighten it up and help to maintain interest. The music should be carefully chosen to make sure it works with the visual message and is synchronized and well balanced with the narration and animation.


Short motion graphics videos need to be well planned and coordinated to achieve a successful outcome. Good project management of a video project is key, especially if there are several people involved in the decision making and production process. We always start with a questionnaire which helps us gather the basic information we need from the client about the business context, company background, branding, product, target audience, key messages and so on. We then develop the voice-over script which drives the video production process and acts as the key to keeping everything on track and ensures we don’t have an overrun. A story board is then developed to build up the visuals and is reviewed at each stage of production to ensure everyone is on board with how the video is progressing, through to final production. To see an example of an MG video, go to our video page.

At 4Content we help busy marketing teams to plan and manage each video project from start to finish, working with our video production partners to create the final product. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.

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