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Video content is on the rise for digital marketing, and it’s only just the beginning. Video can grab attention much quicker and more effectively than written content and can lead to a much higher conversion rate. According to a recent report published by Forrester, just by including video in an email can lead to a massive 200-300% increase in click-through rate. Yet for many, video is still regarded as an expensive luxury and difficult to justify, but all that is changing as motion graphics video production becomes more efficient and affordable.

You don’t have to use full blown customized videos involving expensive actors and high end budgets to attract your audience. We’re all familiar with motion graphics videos which have been around for years and yet they are very much on the increase. Motion graphics videos are highly effective in getting your message across quickly and can be tailored to suite your budget. Now, with the latest video animation production techniques costs can be significantly reduced.

Getting exactly what you need for the right price

In many cases you can’t beat traditional motion graphics videos which can be tailor made and hand crafted to create the right look and feel for your brand but even these types of videos are best applied where the results need to be visually unique with very strong branding and highly customized content. Many of the visual components are built from scratch which look great but can add to the cost and production time, but if budgets are an issue then there are other ways to get there.

Streamlined process reduces costs while maintaining quality

Building a motion graphics video from scratch in the traditional way usually involves several iterations of reviews and rework before the final product is ready for launch. Traditional projects are often open ended with unlimited revision cycles which can add to the cost. However, by using ready-made themes and library images the amount of customization can be kept to a minimum and production speeded up. Revision cycles can be reduced, cutting the original project time by up to two weeks and reducing the cost accordingly.

Clients are still offered a choice of theme and voice-over talent along with original content, key messages and some branding. The results can look amazing – a high quality video at a fraction of the cost of a traditional one. A story board is used to create the video outline and agree on the overall look and feel and key content with the client. Producing a great result doesn’t need to depend on the amount of time that goes into a video, what really counts is the quality, key message and clear delivery, while the end goal remains the same – to quickly grab attention and generate leads.

Video eLearning packages

With lower video costs it then becomes more viable to use multiple short videos within training and eLearning packages. Videos can be a powerful tool when used for training where complex products and services can be more easily explained using guided examples.

By packaging how-to videos into structured, menu driven self-tutorial courses, various types of videos can be combined along with quizzes, tracking and scoring. Being self-driven and self-contained means reduced costs in training, particularly where large numbers of trainees are involved. eLearning is ideal for web based courses for customer training, on-boarding new staff, explaining how to install software upgrades or to train users in new software applications. The training resources are easily distributed, tracked and controlled to ensure everyone who needs the training receives it.

With videos becoming a must-have digital marketing tool for 2017 why not consider motion graphics videos for your next marketing campaign.

For more information about our motion graphics video and eLearning services visit our video page @ 4Content Marketing Videos and eLearning

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